Marketing experts tell real estate agents to be as personal and personable as possible, because homebuyers want to connect with someone when they’re making what is most often the biggest purchase of their life.

The downside? Stalkers want to connect with people, too, as real estate agents in Massachusetts unfortunately find.

From WCVB:

Authorities on the South Coast of Massachusetts are alerting real estate agencies to use caution after several female agents received suspicious phone calls from a man who had researched their backgrounds and eventually requested to meet them.

"He starts off saying he knows them. Like, 'Hi Jenny,' 'Hi Donna, how ya doing? Do you remember me? You showed me a property a couple of weeks ago,'" said Dawn Rusin in an interview Sunday with NewsCenter 5's Liam Martin.

Rusin runs Re/Max Right Choice in Fall River with her husband. At least five of her agents have received these phone calls.

The calls started about a month ago. A man, who sounds like he's in his 30s or 40s, goes alternately by Mike, Carlos or Tony; he calls a female agent, says he's won the lottery in Florida and wants to buy a house.

Then, with some of the women, asks them to meet him at Foxwoods.

"He won't give a last name. He's calling from a blocked call and he won't give a number," Rusin said.

"Then he starts acting strange, like, 'This is what you want? You just want to make money?'" Rusin said, noting the man has at times become frustrated on the phone.