This winter was unusually tough on the housing market. But the winter is finally over. The ice has thawed, the snow has melted, the weather is warming, the flowers are blooming and “for sale” signs are popping up on lawns everywhere. Spring has finally sprung.

And that means it’s time for the three words that everyone in the market loves to hear. Spring buying season.

Research has shown that 35% of home sales occur between May and July, making spring the busiest (and most important) season in the industry.

And with first-time homebuyers returning to the market and Americans ready to spend on housing, this spring's home market is primed for success.

It’s with that thought in mind that we present Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies’ five tips to prepare your brokerage for the spring buying rush.

1. Be available to your agents and your clients

During the busy spring and summer months, many agents can be overwhelmed by the demand of the business. Buyers and sellers want everything, all the time, right now. Being available to your agents reinforces your value and will help them be more successful. Support your agents, and help them help their clients. It’s a win-win.

2. Encourage due diligence

Your staff and agents are busier than ever and it’s important that you remind everyone to check and double-check documentation to ensure file requirements are met for each transaction. It’s important to not let the small things slide, because those small things could become big problems very quickly.

3. Stay organized and in-touch

Maintain an accurate and up-to-date database of contacts and stay in touch with clients and prospects that may be looking to buy or sell in the coming months. This will keep your brokerage top-of-mind. No one needs to tell you that marketing is vital in these critical months, but it’s easy to forget to maintain that human touch when you’re overwhelmed. Don’t forget that your agents and clients are people too.

4. Liven up your office website

Research shows that 90% of homebuyers begin their search online. Keep your website appealing and attractive to buyers with fresh content and imagery. An attractive and useful website is especially important to attract young buyers. Make a good first impression and you might have a customer for life.

5. Run spring launch workshops

Get everyone in your office energized, excited and thinking positive about the opportunities ahead. Don’t forget to take the time to prepare everyone in your office for the upcoming rush. This is make or break time for your year. Don’t forget that you’re all in this thing together.