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LendIt: Election years can disrupt fintech, too

Time for a “regulatory sandbox” for startups?
A recurring theme through all the presentations during the day at LendIt was an eagerness on the part of all representatives and their staff to hear from and engage with key players in the fintech industry. Our main takeaway from the day’s discussions on regulation is that the representatives and regulators are listening.
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This is why loosening Dodd-Frank won't stop real estate growth

Or dent the homeownership rate
The Trump administration recently signed an executive order to scale back the massive Dodd-Frank law. Many advocates are concerned its repeal could lead to another recession. However, it's important to understand that the executive order does not repeal the act. Here's what the executive order does mean for the housing market.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Trump budget threatens housing?

Is the Fed ready for a March rate hike?
Priorities during this administration could create problems for the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s assistance programs as more focus is placed on military spending and less on housing. And the market is expecting the Fed to raise rates in March, however a week and a half still remain before the FOMC meeting, during which time anything could happen.
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Clayton Holdings exec: Observers see regulatory sea change but no end to Dodd Frank

Here's the news and mood at SFIG Vegas
The mood at the Structured Finance Industry Group Vegas conference this week was definitely upbeat. Despite the positive signs, however, panelists and the attendees weren’t ready to place a bet on when the private market will significantly expand, what form de-regulation will take or how quickly it will occur. Here’s what they did discuss.
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Industry welcomes Ben Carson as 17th HUD secretary

Starts immediately
Ben Carson officially holds the title of the 17th secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, immediately starting his reign at the helm of the housing agency. His first day comes a little more than a month after President Donald Trump was sworn into office, and the industry is ready to make up for lost time.
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Experts answer: Will technology replace appraisers?

The state of the appraisal industry
The appraisal industry has a heaping amount of questions. This became increasingly clear after HousingWire’s webinar on the state of the appraisal industry, featuring four industry experts. The hour allotted to the webinar was able to cover a range of hot-button issues. However, there was one that stood out: Will technology replace appraisers?
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Introducing the 2017 HW Tech100

Here are the most innovative technology companies in housing
HousingWire Magazine is pleased to announce the 2017 HW TECH100, an award reserved for the top technology companies leading the housing industry. Inclusion on this list is a truly special honor — and here’s why: the HW TECH100 is the only list of tech innovation that captures the entire U.S. housing economy, spanning from real estate to mortgage lending, servicing and investments.
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Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Trump targets CFPB funding for greater control

Is his election slowing down affordable housing? California thinks so
President Donald Trump's budget proposal reportedly includes a big change for the CFPB. We have the details for you. Plus, will the Fed raise rates in March? Here's one way to get a clue. Also, did the Oscars get its first HUD joke? Twitter thinks so. And Trump's election appears to be costing California some much-needed affordable housing.
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