Articles by Megan Hopkins

Fewer Americans are moving

...mobility is what this recovery needs
Some say there is no spark in today’s economy. Others claim we’ve hit a speed bump. Nonetheless, everyone will agree the housing market is light years ahead of where it stood a year ago. But has the recovery cooled?
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HW 30 dips in wake of housing reports

Trulia Economist: The recovery is not a straight line
As is the trend with housing reports lately, housing stocks saw strong fluctuation on Thursday on the HW 30 index. The index as a whole dipped a very slight 0.03%.
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BofA faces discrimination complaint over REO upkeep

Industry defends the bank, saying repetitive crime makes maintenance a struggle
Bank of America is in the crosshairs of an advocacy organization as it attempts to prove the bank is neglecting REO properties in minority neighborhoods. But the mortgage industry has a different take on the issue—namely that crime is making it difficult for institutions to maintain these homes.
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Housing is still looking up

RealtyTrac report suggests ongoing improvement
U.S. residential properties sold at an estimated annualized pace of 5.6 million in August, up 2% from the 5.5 million pace set in July and up 12% from the 5 million pace set the previous August.
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Wells Fargo fails to get government mortgage case dismissed

Court greenlights significant portions of the suit
U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman denied Wells Fargo’s motion to dismiss several statutory claims made against the bank by the federal government. The original case attempts to get the bank to pay for losses on FHA-insured loans that eventually turned sour.
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