The next wave of servicing regulation is coming – Are you ready?

Join this webinar to learn what servicers need to know about recent and upcoming servicing compliance regulations and strategies experts are implementing to prepare for servicing regulatory audits.

How demographics shaped the housing market in 2021

The U.S. housing market entered a period of the best housing demographics ever recorded in history the same year that COVID grabbed hold of us.

@properties CEOs talk company growth and franchising

In this episode of HousingWire Daily, Mike Golden and Thad Wong from @properties discuss the future for the company including its nationwide franchising plans as it expands.

Keep Up With the Latest Third Party Origination News

Want to stay up to date with the latest on the third party origination front? We designed a specific news hub with lenders and brokers in mind, with Rocket Pro TPO leading the discussion.


Winning in a red-hot purchase market

HousingWire’s Digital Media Manager Alcynna Lloyd joins Courtney Graham and Bill Dallas as they share the latest updates on the housing market and how they’re winning in a red-hot purchase market. Courtney Graham is the chief marketing officer at Princeton Mortgage and Bill Dallas is currently the president of Finance of America Mortgage.

Here is a small preview of the session, which has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

Alcynna Lloyd: First, let’s define a hot market. What makes this current market so unique?

Courtney Graham: I think year over year, you know, inventory is down, or down at least 40% inventory year over year, home prices keep rising. Over 50% of home offers that are accepted are above the asking price. And we just keep seeing that the median home price just keeps increasing.

Bill Dallas: You know, I like the sound bites that some of the economists use that, you know, we have a million listings, and we have 1.2 million realtors. And you just sort of look at it, two to two and a half months on the market is unheard of, four to six months is more standard. I don’t think I’ve ever seen multi offers, with over sales price bidding on everything.

Alcynna Lloyd: Let’s switch from borrowers and talk about marketers specifically. How do marketers help the referral partners while still being careful to be compliant? What’s important?

Courtney Graham: I think one thing that that’s kind of come up more recent than not, and we talk a lot about it, I think, because, again, hot-purchase market, there is a lot of emotions in it. And one thing that has become really popular as of recent, it was popular before, but I think even now it’s becoming, even more, is this idea of some sort of cover letter to the offer.

Bill Dallas: One of the things is the stuff that, like Courtney said, you say with your referral source, the things that you do together with your referral source have to be compliant today for mortgage people. And the concern you have in a love letter, you could have a disparate impact, you could add disparate treatment. I mean, I see all kinds of things in these letters.

Watch the full session below. To go back to the full HousingWire on demand summit, go here.


  • Bill Dallas, President, Finance of America Mortgage
  • Courtney Graham, Chief Marketing Officer Princeton Mortgage
  • Alcynna Lloyd, Digital Media Manager, HousingWire

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