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Strategies for securing listings in today’s housing market

In the competitive world of real estate, effectively and consistently securing listings is the key to success. Whether new to the industry or a seasoned vet, it’s important to keep an open mind and innovate your strategies. By embracing different opportunities, agents can expand their chances of securing more listings and growing their business.

Here are five strategies I consider highly valuable for securing listings.

Set the appointment

To make a strong first impression with potential sellers, avoid overwhelming them with too many questions upfront. Instead, focus on scheduling an appointment. Then, engage in a  meaningful discussion about their needs and goals. Be enthusiastic and confident in your ability to help them. This approach establishes a solid foundation for a lasting relationship, minimizing any doubts they may have. 

Online tools

In today’s digital landscape, leveraging the right tools is vital to success. A trustworthy Client Relationship Management (CRM) system is an important asset, allowing agents to effectively manage and track interactions with clients. Consider integrating a follow-up bot to ensure no leads slip through the cracks. Additionally, making a compelling weekly email newsletter using platforms like MailChimp keeps you relevant in the eyes of clients. 

Personalized communication is a powerful tool. Regularly reach out to clients through phone calls, demonstrating a commitment to their needs and maintaining strong relationships. Embrace social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to engage with your audience, share listings and establish your online presence. Staying updated on the newest technologies and industry trends ensures you’re ahead of the competition.

Building your offline reputation 

Building an impressive offline reputation is a cornerstone of securing listings. By consistently delivering exceptional service, you build trust and loyalty with clients. Satisfied past clients become valuable advocates, referring you to their family, friends and neighbors when it’s time to sell. Over the years, I’ve built a large network by prioritizing customer satisfaction and nurturing long-term relationships.


Networking is a powerful strategy for gaining real estate listings. Shift your focus from simply completing transactions to building genuine relationships with clients. This not only strengthens your network but also leads to more business opportunities. Attending networking events, seeking referrals from vendors and engaging with industry professionals and small business networking groups can expand your reach even further.


Joining a brokerage or team can be a game-changer for securing listings. By aligning yourself with a reputable brokerage or team, you gain access to a network of experienced agents who can refer business to you and provide valuable guidance. Collaboration, shared knowledge, access to resources and enhanced credibility are among the benefits of teamwork, helping to get you on your feet and boost your chances of securing listings.

Success lies in embracing the abundance of opportunities, going out and achieving your goals. As agents, our actions define our results, so we must take the initiative to find business opportunities. Join a reputable brokerage, engage in neighborhood prospect calls, host open houses and proactively interact with everyone you meet. 

Robert Martin is a certified real estate professional with Huntington & Ellis, a real estate agency with over 17 years of experience. Robert is an expert of the southern Nevada market and specializes in using the newest technology in real estate, cutting edge digital marketing tools and combining those with traditional negotiating practices to deliver an unparalleled client experience.

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