[PULSE] Mortgage brokers should take this opportunity to rally and show leadership

The mortgage broker community is facing a defining moment

With great power comes great responsibility – and the independent mortgage broker community is steadily increasing its leverage within the mortgage industry.  

Mortgage brokers have created outstanding momentum over the last few years, making up roughly 20% of the overall mortgage market. Brokers are the only segment that continues to proliferate in the entire industry – an incredible accomplishment that should be celebrated and used as fuel for continued excellence.  

Phil Shoemaker
Phil Shoemaker
Guest Author

But that excellence isn’t defined solely by market share and business growth. Brokers are providing value to the clients they serve and representing their respective communities. Now more than ever, the spotlight is on brokers. People are watching, and we must show our leadership. 

For years, the independent mortgage broker community has prided itself on setting the gold standard for outstanding client service. That’s not something that is measured in awards, or even in online reviews – it’s measured by how brokers make their clients feel confident, educated, and comfortable in their decision to purchase or refinance a home. Every phone call, text message, or email correspondence that a broker uses to provide advice or coaching to a client or a real estate partner makes the difference.

And above all, a broker’s unwavering commitment to do the right thing – whether securing the best deal for a client or representing the mortgage industry through proper words and actions – is paramount.     

Right now, the mortgage broker community faces a defining moment in time. Brokers can effectively sharpen their reputation as a community that represents quality in terms of service, professionalism and image. Here are some thoughts on how the broker community can strive for even higher levels of excellence as we move forward.   

Support your fellow brokers  

Independent mortgage brokers throughout the country have many commonalities based on the service and expertise they provide clients. Still, there are many differences from one loan originator to the next. Everyone has a personal preference for marketing, communicating with clients, networking with real estate agents, and choosing which lender they partner with to fund a loan. That’s the beauty of being a mortgage broker – you have options and subsequently more freedom to serve your clients as you see fit.

It’s important to recognize and respect all brokers’ preferences for doing business without overly promoting or bemoaning individual choices or philosophies because they’re different from ours. Let’s elevate the conversation in the broker community as we move forward.  

The entire wholesale channel is in this together   

There is one reason that the mortgage broker channel has proliferated and continues to gain momentum: mortgage brokers. You are the ones building referral networks in your communities and forming successful partnerships with real estate agents.

At the same time, lenders and other industry partners help make your jobs easier through technology, marketing support, and the like. We’re all in this together – playing our roles to the best of our ability while adding value every day to score big wins for consumers. Just remember that your efforts are the driving force behind your success.  

Embrace and encourage diversity 

As a community, our diversity of thought, background, philosophy, and experience is one of our biggest strengths that the mortgage community should embrace and nurture. The individuality of each broker should be celebrated and protected. But it takes more than lip service – our words and actions have to match up.

The success of the mortgage broker community relies on a culture that fosters inclusion, community, support, and open communication. All brokers are created equal – regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious preferences, and the many other traits that make everyone unique. It is incumbent on us to honor that truth and stay committed to always saying and doing the right thing – even if nobody is watching.  


  1. Great Article Phil… I think the channel will soon see a parabolic rise. I am super impressed with the “new breed” of broker. Most that I know care first about the consumer and less about themselves. This is always a recipe to win. The pre-2007 brokers became too cocky, greedy and forgot about the consumer, thus causing their own demise. I generalize of course, there were many good brokers back then too.

    Thanks for the article!
    Dan Rawitch

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