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Offrs Review: Pros & cons, features, pricing, and alternatives

Offrs gives agents a shortcut to the closing table using predictive analytics, automated marketing and lead nurturing, and an inside sales team

Want more listings this year? Offrs is a predictive analytics tool that generates listing leads for real estate agents. For over 10 years, they’ve been leveraging big data using a patented artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that sifts through more than 250 data points to determine which homes and homeowners in your zip code are likely to sell their property in the next 12 months.

Then, Offrs helps you target your marketing efforts and spend on those homeowners with the most potential in your targeted zip codes. Offrs’ automated digital marketing, lead nurturing, and even an inside sales function can benefit you. Offrs does the bulk of the work for you and as an agent, you get to jump in when leads have been pinpointed and then qualified, saving you time, energy, and money.

Want to learn more? In this article, we’ll review Offrs’ suite of products designed to help agents laser-focus their marketing efforts on leads with the most potential and automate processes. This allows you to jump in at just the right moment with your listing presentation and take those leads across the finish line.


Offrs key specs 

  • Artificial intelligence:  Yes
  • Automated marketing: Yes, you can use Offrs automated email marketing system or online advertising to connect with quality leads
  • Exclusivity: Yes
  • Trial period: No 
  • Pricing: From $399 per month
  • Contract requirements: Six-month contract

How does Offrs work?

How does Offrs’ AI-powered lead generation work? Offrs take a comprehensive approach that involves four essential steps.

1. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics data is the starting point for every you can do with Offrs. It will help you identify sellers very early, giving you access to them before they’re talking to other agents. How?

Agents gain exclusive access to leads within their neighborhood or targeted zip code(s) and receive a guaranteed minimum of 30 leads per month using Offrs. After you choose your neighborhood or zip code, Offrs activates your area, enabling you to get contact info for leads, sorted by category (FSBO, predictive sellers, expired listings, and exclusive leads).

With every home sale, Offrs’ algorithm improves its understanding of who will likely sell their home next. After more than a decade, it can predict which homes will go on the market with an accuracy of more than 70%! The algorithm looks at life events, income, mortgage debt, job changes, and more, helping you generate high-quality leads more cost-effectively.

2. Automated Digital Advertising

Offrs will target these high-potential leads for you using automated digital advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google — delivered to the most likely prospects in your zip code(s). Ads drive homeowners to a home valuation tool and lead capture, where they can drop in their email addresses to get a home value estimate. To introduce yourself to every lead in your preferred zip codes, you can choose one or more marketing tools — including online ads, as we’ve mentioned, but also, direct mail and email.

3. Lead Nurturing

For an additional cost, agents gain access to a Real Estate AI Assistant called RAIA — a proprietary tool that communicates with and further qualifies leads found in the steps above by engaging them in automated text and email conversations. RAIA ranks those conversations. As an Offrs user, you’ll be notified about the highest-ranking, most promising conversations occurring between homeowners in your area and RAIA.

4. Lead Conversion

Finally, Offrs’ most premium package includes ROOF, an inside sales team that can jump in and further qualify your local leads found through the process above. A human at their ROOF call center will dial the hottest leads that RAIA has nurtured to determine whether they are looking to sell and put them in touch with you or your team when they’re ready to make a move. Think of it as your concierge inside sales agent (ISA) — setting you up for success to close listing leads within your targeted zip codes.

Offrs alternatives (compared)

Top Pick


Artificial intelligence helps to pinpoint potential seller leads

Target the most likely sellers in your zip code with social media & Google ads. Nurture and further qualify them using RAIA, your AI assistant. ROOF, your concierge inside sales team, helps you and your team get to the closing table more often.

Starting at:


Visit Offrs
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Top Producer

A strong choice for built-in integration and advanced automation tools

Top Producer offers extensive lead generation options, and simplifies and automates workflows, making its plans well suited for those ready to scale their business, no matter how small your budget or how big your team. 

Starting at:


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Market Leader

A solid option for lead generation and marketing solutions

A solid option for lead generation and marketing solutions.
Market Leader offers a full marketing suite with email and SMS marketing services, lead capture forms, and a built-in lead management CRM, and its in-house advertising experts send leads exclusively to you.

Starting at:


Visit Market Leader
Exclusivity: Yes No Yes
Contract requirements:  Six-month contract One-year contract Six-month minimum
Customer support: Articles, videos,  email, and phone Articles and videos, webinars, email, and live chat Email, phone, live chat, and knowledge base
Free trial period: No No Undisclosed
Starting price: $399  $129 $189

Offrs pros & cons

  • Helps generate high-quality leads leveraging Offrs predictive analytics tools to find potential sellers (cost depends on your ad budget).
  • Guarantees 30 leads per month with its new Lead Feed product.
  • Will automatically expand your area at no additional cost if you get less than 30 leads.
  • Lacks true CRM features or long-term follow-up tools

Offrs features


AI-Generated Exclusive Listing Leads

Access sellers in your area with Offrs’ Territory Builder, Lead Feed, and Lead Capture features.

  • Territory Builder:  Search by zip code and access contact information for all homeowners, as well as Offrs leads.
  • Lead Feed: Get daily leads through proven online advertising and many data providers from relevant real estate websites.
  • Lead Capture: With Offrs’ lead capture ads and landing pages, you can get the right leads at the right time.

AI-Powered Lead Gen

  • A patented algorithm: Offrs patented algorithm uses machine-learning A.I. to predict which homes are most likely to sell in the next 12 months, so you don’t waste your time trying to connect with homeowners who aren’t serious about selling. That data is then used to create high-conversion advertising.

AI + ISA Powered Lead Gen (ROOF)

  • Conversational AI: Offrs’ patented technology, R.A.I.A, generates conversations with incoming leads using SMS and email, and is trained to convert leads into appointments for you.
  • A Human Touch: Offrs’ inside sales agent (ISA) team, ROOF, then uses R.A.A.I. to qualify leads and reaches out to you with referrals. What impresses us is how ROOF’s team of licensed agents balances out the AI aspect with human support. The ROOF team responds to leads needing human intervention and refers leads who are ready to speak to an agent.

Offrs pricing & plans

Offrs has tiered monthly pricing plans ranging from $499 to $1,199. Programs like Offrs A.I. plus ISA-powered lead conversion can make all the difference if you’re a busy agent or team. If you’re looking to maximize savings, the Premium + ISA product is the way to go with its annual plan, saving you nearly 50% over the course of 12 months as compared to the month-to-month plan. And when you join ROOF’s in-house lead qualifying and referral network, pricing is a minimal cost per lead and optional referral fee of 25% of your commission. 

RAIA ($499 per month)

This basic plan includes predictive analytics, automated digital advertising, and lead nurturing. RAIA is Offrs’ patented AI technology that generates conversations with leads found using Offrs smart data (predictive analytics). Your real estate A.I. assistant engages leads in conversation via text or email. This plan features RAIA, lead scoring, and a maximum of 300 uploaded leads monthly. It also includes a 25% ROOF referral fee paid on closings. Ad budget and lead generation are not included.

RAIA Premium + ROOF ($799 per month)

If lead generation isn’t enough and you need conversion support, look no further than Offrs’ premium product, which includes RAIA, a lead feed, and a lead capture page. A custom territory builder and ad budget are also included with this package. Support from the ROOF ISA team is also available at a 25% referral fee.

RAIA Premium + ISA ($1,199 per month)

With Offrs Premium + ISA product, you get everything in Premium along with the added benefits of support from the ROOF ISA team (no referral fees), exclusive referrals for one zip code, and up to 10 zips. This product also includes the ISA service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Offrs best for?

Offrs is built on the idea that predictive analytics and big data can be used to grow your real estate business. Offrs is best for agents who want an alternative to relying on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to find real estate seller leads. Its predictive analytics technology helps agents find the most likely sellers in their market.

How effective is Offrs for real estate agents?

Offrs has generated thousands of listings for agents nationwide using big data, and the company reports an average commission per listing of more than $12,000. Today, more than 250,000 agents use one or more of Offrs’ real estate products to impact their bottom line.

How does Offrs ensure lead capture?

Using an AI-powered predictive seller algorithm, Offrs targets homeowners on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other popular channels to ensure that you capture leads in your specific territory.

What is Find Your Zip?

Offrs has several tools and free resources that we’ve found helpful. With Find Your Zip, you can enter your zip code of choice and generate a report that includes examples of leads generated by Offrs that became listings and sold, as well as the 10 most recent properties Offrs predicted that sold.

What is Offrs’ free marketing plan?

With Offrs’ Free Marketing Plan, you can find out how many leads you need to generate to reach your income goals, as well as recommendations from Offrs on their best marketing plan for achieving your goals. Determining the average market value in your area is the first step to calculating how many leads you will need to generate to reach your commission goal.

What is Offrs’ guide to listing leads?

Offrs Ultimate Guide to Listing Leads provides a free, downloadable guide to generating seller leads in real estate. The guide contains proven techniques from top agents and real estate marketing experts. Especially helpful are the sections on how to best qualify leads, focus on in-market leads, nurture other leads until they are ready to buy or sell, and how to build a long-term listing lead funnel to grow your business. The guide also goes over best practices for using funnel-marketing to ensure you build a measurable process and explains how to leverage predictive analytics to maximize your marketing spend and reduce your cost per listing lead.

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