MBSData, a technology provider to the non-agency mortgage-backed securitization (MBS) industry, launched its new platform to deliver MBS performance data and analytics to investors. The platform offers loan level remittance data at the first of each month and a complete history and performance on over 6,000 MBS deals. The platform also provides loan modification information that includes vital cure rates. Users also receive deal rankings and alerts on deals that perform poorly compared with peer groups. MBSData targets small and mid-size investors that were priced out of the market when trying to gather detailed MBS deal and loan level information. Potential users can subscribe to the Web platform for access to the full suite of MBS data or subscribe to the bulk data services. The platform is adjustable and can be tailored to meet an individual investor’s needs. The platform also provides larger investors access to monthly and historic deal and loan level databases. Write to Jon Prior.