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HW+ Member Spotlight: Nicole Fortunaso


This week’s HW+ member spotlight features Nicole Fortunaso, Head of Marketing at PropStream. Below, Fortunaso answers questions about the housing industry:

HW Media: What is your current, favorite HW+ article and why?

Nicole Fortunaso: I loved the announcement that you purchased Altos Research and then explored it on Clayton Collins’s Podcast with Mike Simonsen — The Altos CEO.

HW Media: What’s your favorite benefit from your HW+ membership and/or why are you enjoying the HW+ community?

Nicole Fortunaso: I really enjoy the newsletter content and the coverage. It helps me feel connected to the industry and inspires creativity for our own marketing efforts.

HW Media: What is your most useful tech tool?

Nicole Fortunaso: I am going to be biased and say the PropStream app!  I love to PropStream it. There is nothing more satisfying than (driving around or from home) researching properties to get the skinny on the ownership details and history of the property. 

From there, I can even compare it to the other properties surrounding it.  It is a guilty pleasure for sure! If you have ever PropStream’ed It, you know what I am talking about.

HW Media: When do you feel successful in your job?

Nicole Fortunaso: When all the effort from the team and the channels we work with come together to create a successful campaign.  Marketing is where art, story-telling and science come together. So, combining these aspects to create impactful results is a joy! 

My favorite campaign to date is our PropStream It commercials. These commercials have not only amassed millions of views, but they also embody our philosophy and approach to our market: edu-tainment.

We feel successful when we can take seemingly complex ideas and strategies and break them down so our customers can feel comfortable using and understanding our data platform to get leads and results for their business.

HW Media: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Nicole Fortunaso: If you see something, speak about it, and when you do, do it from your heart. Being curious helps solve problems and creates opportunities for growth and change.  However, when you do this from a heart-centered place, it creates trust and respect for others.

HW Media: What do you think will be the big themes for the housing market in 2023?

Nicole Fortunaso: The biggest theme for 2023 will be to embrace change.  In the past couple of years, anyone in the housing market could easily make a living.  Now, we are transitioning into a different marketplace, with higher interest rates, inflation, supply chain issues and low housing inventory. 

What will separate all the players right now is their ability to be more strategic and adapt to survive in the housing industry; for some organizations, that has meant they need to get leaner. For others they are focused on agility and strength in their teams,  finding opportunities and thriving. I don’t think it matters if you are an executive or a sole operator,  if you enable yourself with the right tools, become more strategic and prepare to do a little hard work now, you will come out of this transition period with a solid business. 

HW Media: What’s 2-3 trends that you’re closely following?

Nicole Fortunaso: 

  1. Housing Inventory and affordability
  2. Economic markers
  3. Social Trends

We use these trends to connect with our audience and provide relevant and timely information to help their real estate business.  With our pulse on the trends, we can combine that information with the available data (in PropStream) to help find real estate leads that others might not be tapping into. 

For example, if there is a new type of motivation to sell for certain homeowners based on new market trends;  we want to share with our audience (of investors, agents, brokers, loan originators) so that they can find those homeowners using this data set to get fresh leads. However, we don’t just focus on delivering the facts. We focus on story-telling to make the content relatable and impactful — this is where the edu-tainment comes in.

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