F1Kelli Scott manages a team of 60 as group manager for services and support at Blend, where she oversees the company’s efforts to solidify and strengthen partnerships with its 140 mortgage lender clients.

In the year that she has been with Blend, Scott has helped elevate the company’s customer satisfaction rate to 98-99%. Key to this rating is Scott’s development of a disclosures process that enables Blend’s customers to stay within a single system for the duration of their mortgage application. Scott works closely with Blend’s compliance and legal teams to ensure that Blend is testing potential issues consistently throughout the deployment process. She also championed transparency between teams in order to better pinpoint customer needs, as well as to identify industry insights that would drive Blend’s product roadmap. Scott has also placed an emphasis on improving training procedures and heightening transparency within the organization. Scott has become a champion for driving positive change within Blend and prioritizes face-to-face communication with clients. Her style of management makes Blend’s relationships more personal and drives conversation beyond just implementing technology and augmenting processes.