Sharon Reichhardt takes a personal interest in her clients and their technology adoptions, and they know it. Her commitment manifests itself in hundreds of small actions that let her clients know they matter and she’s willing to do whatever it takes for them to not only succeed, but also enjoy the processReichhardt.

Reichhardt’s typical client is an underwriter by trade and training, a veteran manager with five to 12 direct reports, in a mortgage lender’s QC or compliance division. Their jobs are to catch potential issues in the loans they originate; to protect their companies from losing money.

While Reichhardt’s knowledge of regulations, compliance and technology is incomparable, it’s her compassion and understanding that clients notice. 

As her nominator wrote: “We can be taught by the most knowledgeable expert, but if we’re not encouraged and listened to, learning isn’t going to be as easy or effective.”

 “She doesn’t have a high visibility position, but her company, her clients’ companies, the end-users she trains, and the industry itself would be at a loss without her contributions. She goes above and beyond.”