Freddie Mac announced recently that it plans to sell off more than $1 billion in non-performing loans, as the government-sponsored enterprise continues its efforts to shed some delinquent mortgages from its books.

The latest sale, which is being offered in five pools, is for $1.1 billion in non-performing loans that are currently held in Freddie Mac's mortgage investment portfolio.

And unlike previous NPL sales, the loans in these pools are not all being serviced by the same mortgage servicer.

Previously, all NPL sales conducted by the GSE were on pools of loans with the same servicer.

The NPLs in this offering are currently being serviced by either Wells Fargo or Ditech Financial.

The loans in this deal are being marketing five pools – four Standard Pool Offerings and one Extended Timeline Pool Offering, which targets participation by smaller investors, including non-profits and minority and women-owned businesses.

According to Freddie Mac, bids are due from qualified bidders on Sept. 29, 2016, for the Standard Pool offerings and Oct. 13, 2016, for the Extended Timeline Pool offering.

Advisors to Freddie Mac on the transaction are Wells Fargo Securities and First Financial Network.

The sales are expected to settle in December 2016, Freddie Mac said.