AmCap Mortgage provides self-service tools for borrowers

Streamlined experience gives customers more transparency

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AmCap Mortgage is focused on creating an engaging mortgage experience that gives customers transparency and control over much of the process.

“We provide self-service tools to allow the borrower to handle a large portion of the loan process, if they desire, as well as real-time notifications of the progress/status of their file,” said Garrett Clayton, AmCap CEO.

“We use a number of methods including our mobile responsive website, secure self-service web portals, and a custom AmCap mobile app.”

The company’s hands-on process is part of its larger strategy to build a true partnership with consumers. To deliver the kind of experience borrowers are looking for, AmCap investigated a number of software solutions to determine the best fit for their process, and then invested time to really understand how to integrate them.

“Today’s typical mortgage applicant is as busy as the rest of us, so we’re continually looking for ways to streamline the experience. The utilization of eDisclosures and eSignatures have been a big hit with our borrowers,” Clayton said.

But borrowers aren’t the only ones who reap the benefits of AmCap’s careful implementation. The company can now generate very detailed and digestible statistics that pinpoint inefficiencies.

“Without these analytics and/or metrics our senior management team would often disagree where our inefficiencies were coming from — which department, which person, etc. AmCap’s utilization of these analytics has allowed us to objectively seek out solutions before there is ever a problem,” said AmCap Mortgage President  and COO Mike Johnson.

The company’s partnership mentality encompasses employees as well as consumers. Believing that happy employees make for happier customers, AmCap’s culture empowers employees to help customers and celebrates their successes. 

“When we talk about customer service, we look at it from multiple perspectives,” Clayton said. “Obviously, the end consumer is our client and we expect all of our staff (including operations and production) to treat that consumer with the utmost respect, but we also talk about treating each other like customers. Production respects and understands our operation teams and vice versa.

“I think the No. 1 thing is that AmCap’s culture, as a whole, fosters transparency, trust and a sense of being part of something bigger than yourself,” Johnson said.

AmCap’s commitment to developing a happy workplace is clearly succeeding. The company has made several lists of the top places to work, and employees are engaged at every level. That employee enthusiasm is essential amid the company’s rapid expansion in the last few years: It produced more than $1 billion in closed loans in 2013 and $1.7 billion for 2015.

In addition, AmCap has expanded both the scope and reach of its services, adding two regional operating centers in 2012 and 2013. The company is now licensed in 29 states, with 84 branch licenses and more than 400 loan originators.

“We want to continue to evolve as a well-respected lender, remain accountable to our consumers and counterparties, and have fun doing it,” Clayton said.

“I feel we are well positioned to continue to grow our footprint over the upcoming years and that is exciting, but at the end of the day our industry is ever-changing so we try not to get too far ahead of ourselves.”

“While I am extremely proud of our growth, I am even more proud of our recent awards, customer satisfaction levels and our company’s rebranding.”


GarrettGarrett Clayton, CEO

Garrett Clayton is the chief executive officer of AmCap Mortgage, Ltd., a mortgage bank and direct residential mortgage lender based in Houston, Texas. AmCap is licensed to operate in 29 states and has 84 office locations in 12  states.

Clayton is also the managing partner of Clayton Ramirez, P.L.L.C. a law firm with offices in Houston and Austin, Texas. Clayton received his Juris Doctor degree from St. Mary’s University Law School and his B.A. from Southern Methodist University.

Since purchasing AmCap Mortgage almost eight years ago, Clayton has successfully spearheaded AmCap Mortgage into the forefront of the home-loan business.

By building an extremely successful team of leadership at AmCap, you can be assured all your home loan needs will be skillfully met.

MikeMike Johnson , President and COO

Mike Johnson is president and chief operating officer at AmCap Mortgage, where he is systematically and efficiently expanding the retail mortgage bank through organic and acquisitive growth. Johnson navigates an ever-changing production and compliance landscape while protecting the shared interests of ownership, employees, investors, and borrowers.

Prior to joinging AmCap, Johnson served as CEO at Calvert Capital Corp, managing director at Old InterFirst Lending and national accounts manager at InterFirst Wholesale Lending. In addition, Johnson served as vice president at Morgan Stanley, senior vice president at Government Securities Corp. and principal at First Investors Financial Services. 

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