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10 powerful mindset secrets for motivation

What do the most successful agents know that others struggle with?

The strongest agents are constantly analyzing their return on investment regarding how they’re spending both their time and their money. This includes money spent on their business as well as their personal lives. Below are the top 10 powerful secrets that strong agents use to stay motivated and keep the right mindset for success.    

If they’re not getting more out than they’re spending in return, the expenditure isn’t worth it. 

‘Breaking even’ doesn’t count, because of the time lost and effort expended to get the results. Results mean trackable, profitable, closed business. Not just leads, impressions or likes. 

They are actively and aggressively isolating themselves from the media, both online and off. 

They are making their world smaller regarding who is influencing them. Following a  media-free morning or media-free life is a good start. Eliminating negative feeds from social media is another good strategy to ‘build a moat’ around your mindset! 

They are constantly monitoring their own internal dialog. 

Has negative thinking entered their mindset? Strong agents are self-aware of the unintended consequences of allowing one negative thought to manifest. 

They are hyper-aware of their own market conditions. 

They study what’s selling, what’s not and what the hot price ranges and zip codes are. Strong agents know where the new construction is being built and they know what’s happening with mortgages. They’re not hiding out waiting for the market to lift them up. 

Their mantra is ‘If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me!’ 

They are very proactive in their lead generation, having more conversations with more prospects. 

They’re not reliant on lucking into repeat or referral business, and they’re not addicted to buying leads. They are working with multiple sources of business at once. 

They are aware that when they’re feeling out of control, they’ll subconsciously look for things to control. 

This sometimes manifests in overeating, substance abuse, and wrecking relationships. That gives them the feeling of control, but it’s destructive. Powerful agents (and people) are introspective before they make those mistakes. 

They recognize their own ‘early warning signs’ as the trigger to the bad behavior and take a step back before causing more drama to themselves, their prospects, clients or family. 

They are empathetic to the fact that other people don’t have the mechanisms to adapt quickly to the forced changes happening in the economy.

Strong agents forgive easily and quickly because they understand that others are stressed. They offer a positive light backed by facts and thoughtful solutions, rather than jumping in the moshpit of negativity or drama.

Because they’re rooted in a mindset of service, they are genuinely excited and appreciative of the opportunities in the market.

They are focused on the many people who genuinely need help and they are there to be of service.   

They know that knowledge leads to confidence and ignorance leads to fear. 

Thus they are constantly increasing their skillset so they can increase their confidence. They’re seeking out new ways to be able to help more people in a variety of circumstances. An example of this is knowing how to explain different types of mortgage loan programs that get the interest rates down and make the payment more attractive. 

They’re involved in Premier Coaching. 

They actively get overwhelming value from the daily, semi-private coaching sessions! 

Tim and Julie Harris host a podcast for real estate professionals. Tim and Julie of Premier Coaching have been real estate coaches for more than two decades, coaching the top agents in the country through different types of markets.

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