Impact of Crypto-Technologies on the Mortgage Industry

In 2008, when blockchain and its celebrity use case of Bitcoin came into view, there was talk of complete decentralization of purchases, bankless futures and new forms of currency.

In 2020, this future was still taking shape. Spectacular Bitcoin thefts, slow payment processing times and the recent devaluation of an algorithmically stable coin prove the point – radical potential lies firmly in the future. Yet, when looking at the pace of investment, it seems inevitable that blockchain will play a significant role in reshaping the future of financial services, fintech and most financial transactions.

Download this white paper for the latest look at crypto technologies: what they are, current investment activity, a practical definition and summary of DFTs, applied examples of crypto tech and a critical perspective of digital value creation.

Publisher: Tavant
Date: July 2022
Author: Matt Wood

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