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I can’t believe it, I have now been working at HW Media for almost two months! When I say it out loud it feels a lot longer than it sounds. Not because of the chaos that always follows when you start a new job supporting a sales team across four different brands but mainly because I have been able to get my hands into so many different parts of the business in just seven short weeks.

One of the most interesting projects that I was able to roll up my sleeves and dive into was data from a survey HW Media conducted in partnership with SOAR Performance Group before HousingWire Annual to analyze companies marketing priorities, tactics, and budget allocation for 2021 and 2022.

The goal in our work with SOAR was to conduct a short 10-15 minute survey to give insight to an organization’s revenue generation effectiveness and see how their organization compares to their peers.

We also had a goal to gain actionable insights into methods that companies can use to increase the effectiveness of their revenue generation efforts as well as assessing the impact of sales and marketing on 2021 performance and 2022 outlook going forward.

Our targeted audience centered around those companies/organizations that would be attending HousingWire Annual in September, as well as companies that are mortgage and real estate technology providers, mortgage bankers, and real estate brokers across our audience.

We asked questions like:

  • What is the projected revenue for your company for 2021?
  • How confident are you that your 2022 performance will exceed 2021 performance?
  • What is your firm’s annual budget for marketing technologies?
  • What priorities and tactics were getting the most return and how does their budget line up with their priorities?

After combing through and discussing the results with the SOAR Team the most unique finding in the initial survey was that brand awareness and events are consistently the largest priority year after year for the majority of companies who completed the survey.

Despite this finding, responses  indicated the tactics for brand awareness such as marketing technology and advertising had much smaller budgets compared to other areas such as sales related technology and expenses. 

We are excited to continue to dive deeper into the survey results and share more findings and insights and share with you!

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