You've got to love David-and-Goliath stories. The little guy gets to poke a stick in the eye of the deaf, cold, rapacious bureaucracy and wins the day (if only that one day). Everyone cheers and we all feel better. Frank Capra made his career plucking this note on our heart strings. I'm thinking of the slow-motion train wreck of disclosures about problems that lenders and mortgage servicers have created by rubber-stamping legal documents in foreclosure cases. Homeowner advocates, foreclosure-defense lawyers and populist lawmakers are urging a national freeze on foreclosures until the problems can be sorted out. Depending on whom you talk to, these problems are either: * A legal and logistical nightmare with the potential to bring down our economy and banking system; or * A technical issue that will be corrected in time and that, meanwhile, is being exploited by politicians.