Texas-based eMortgage Logic, a company that provides broker price opinions (BPOs) to the mortgage servicing industry, partnered with Ohio-based inspection and preservation company A2Z Field Services. The alliance brings together realtors, brokers, inspectors, REO field contractors, licensed debt collectors and loan modification personnel. Through the combined channels of the companies, eMortgage Logic said it will provide valuations and then offer preservation services through A2Z, which is also active in loan modifications. "With our first hand knowledge of the contents of the BPO, we often see photos and comments related to the condition of these properties and now we will be able to inform our clients that we can help with preservation and/or securing the asset on their behalf," said eMortgage Logic founder Ralph Sells. The alliance indicates these new services and other "hybrid" products are on the way, according to a press statement. Write to Diana Golobay.