Meet the HousingWire Annual Welcome Committee: Haley Parker

No one can welcome you to Scottsdale quite like a local

Haley Parker is the area business development manager at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. She sat down with HousingWire to share her excitement for the upcoming HousingWire Annual conference and her role on the welcome committee. 

HousingWire:  What are you most looking forward to at HW Annual 2022?  

Haley Parker: Networking and connecting with Industry friends!

HW: As a local, what do you think are the features that set Scottsdale apart and make it the perfect setting for HW Annual 2022?

Haley Parker: Scottsdale is the perfect setting for HW Annual. Real Estate is the hottest topic out here and, in my opinion, Scottsdale is home to some of the best lenders and agents in the country! 

HW: The housing market is undergoing a serious change, what do you think mortgage professionals should do to stay on top of the changing market?   

Haley Parker: The key right now is two things: 

  1. Social marketing and developing a personal brand is key. Industry professionals need to sell themselves in this market to build trust with existing agents. 
  2. Get out.  People need to be getting out in front of agents, existing and new, as much as possible. Agents are eager for information and speaking with them in person is becoming more and more common these days. It is a total purchase-driven market so you have to build your purchase agent sphere. Refinances are slow going to nonexistent right now but the thought is every purchase we are doing right now with these higher rates is a potential refi in a year or two.   

HW: Why are you excited to be a member of the welcome committee at HW Annual 2022?

Haley Parker: Besides being a native of Arizona and beyond proud to rep #StateFortyEight – I am the biggest fan of HousingWire. The culture and community they have created is incredible. Being a part of the Welcome Committee is the best of both worlds for me!

HW:  What advice would you give to top talent working in the industry today?

Haley Parker: Be Consistent, do not make drastic changes in what you were doing prior. Implement the social aspect that was essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, but remember what made us successful in 2015-2019. Go back to your 2018 day planner to see what you were doing during that time, add in some of the tactics from 2020-2021 and mingle the two. We knew how to generate and drive business prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Get back in those habits while using the additional knowledge you’ve gained.

HW:  Why do you think meeting with teams in person, at conferences like HW Annual, is important after years of virtual work? 

Haley Parker: You are networking and garnering ideas and getting back in front of people. We should be taking any chance we can get to get back in front of people for building agent and client relationships as well as for recruiting. The day of sitting behind the computer at home is dead. You also need to be active and going to events like this should be a must if you are truly looking to build your business. HW Annual is a good opportunity to see what others are doing in the market to succeed and what new ideas are available.

There’s only a few days left to register for HW Annual this year. Hear from today’s top leaders and enjoy networking events with like-minded professionals. Plus, get a warm welcome from Haley Parker and our other welcome committee members. Join us at HW Annual for the content, connections and technology you need to win in this environment. Register for HW Annual here! And remember, HW+ members get 50% off registration.

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