Marketing Reverse Mortgages With Video Games

When you have a booth at a senior convention what do you use to get seniors to stop by and ask questions?  Do you have candy, pens, or something fun to give away?  What about having a Wii for seniors to play?  Yes, I said a Wii… The Wii is Nintendo’s latest blockbuster game console that has taken the whole world by storm.  Unlike your typical video game which you control with a standard controller, the Wii uses a motion sensing controller to control the game. 

According to this video from ARRP, the Wii is a big hit with seniors.  Erickson Retirement Communities in Chicago helped arrange a Wii bowling tournament for their residents.  “It’s a very social thing and it’s good exercise … and you don’t have to throw a 16-pound (7.25-kg) bowling ball to get results,” said Dierbach, who added the competition had people who hardly knew each other cheering and hugging in the span of a few hours.”We just had a ball with it. You think it’s your grandkids’ game and it’s not,” she said.

I’m sure everyone has experienced being at a convention with seniors and the second they see reverse mortgages they run away, but what if you had a Wii for them to play?  I know its thinking WAY outside the box but you never know, it could work.

Nintendo’s Wii Becoming Big Hit in Nursing Homes Nationwide (Fox News)

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