Lending Solutions Inc., a provider of lending center services and consulting programs for financial institutions across North America, has allied with Woburn, Mass.-based MortgageClick, a network of credit unions sharing Web-based mortgage origination technology. The partnership with Lending Solutions will enable MortgageClick to offer its credit union customers origination, processing and closing services nationwide, including access to the National Loan Processing Center, which offers 24/7 online loan processing and collections services.
“Our partnership with Lending Solutions will help our credit union clients expand their presence in an increasingly competitive mortgage market,� said Dan Hanlon, chief operating officer of MortgageClick. “The combined technology can change the way credit unions do business and expand the loan volume they are able to originate.� “By teaming with MortgageClick, Lending Solutions empowers credit unions to offer more to their members,� said Jeff Frantz, senior vice president of Lending Solutions. “LSI's call center and processing services offer a way for MortgageClick's credit union customers to focus on their core benefit – offering cost-effective services to members.� MortgageClick works exclusively with credit unions and CUSOs of all sizes to help level the mortgage origination playing field for credit unions by giving them access to a competitive origination platform. Since its launch in 2003, MortgageClick has helped more than 200 credit unions leverage their access to the shared mortgage technology that assisted them in originating in excess of $3 billion in mortgage loans.