Jack Bauer, American Hero & Reverse Mortgage Spokesperson

image Have you gone out to You Tube and checked out the videos about reverse mortgages? They range from silly to down-right scary and everywhere in between but are these video segments a good sales tool or just someone that is bored trying to get their fifteen minutes of You Tube fame? Well, here is our shameless attempt.

The following project was the (failed) result of an attempt at completing a cheap television commercial to run in our local market that was completed at the end of 2007 and early 2008. We used some stock video from IStockPhoto, Sony Media’s Vegas Studio, and my laptop for editing and sound recording. For a couple of reasons, we chose not to proceed and complete the project to air on television, so the following could be considered a blooper real. Some of my former employees and myself are fans of the television show ‘24’ and missed having Jack Bauer explain that we’re constantly running out of time.

Along the lines of our previous posts examining who might be a good reverse mortgage spokesperson, we re-tooled our commercial to be a spoof/parody. The spot promotes reverse mortgages in a POSITIVE way, albeit extolling some unique benefits and concepts of using the proceeds of a Reverse in reference to Jack Bauer. If you don’t watch 24, you might not get some of the humor. If you have a stick up your ass, don’t watch it or be offended….it’s a joke.

The following is rated PG-13 for violence, gambling, booze, drugs, implied sexual references and a general disdain for some of the dry reverse mortgage commercials and advertising out there. No seniors were hurt during the taping of the ‘62’.

So if you didn’t get your 24 fix last night from the 2 hour special… The following takes place between the ages of 62 -102……Beep. Beep. Beep.


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