In an opinionated Seeking Alpha article, contributor Brad Thomas discussed Gramercy Captial's (GKK) road to recovery in the mortgage real estate investment trust sector.

While it hasn't been all flowers and rainbows — the American Financial Realty Trust partnership set the company way back — Thomas is confident that Gramercy will redeem itself as a new lease REIT.

Gramercy plans to cut costs and announced its closing on a joint venture with Garrison Investment Group on the acquisition of 115-property portfolio, totalling $485 million on Thursday. 

Here's a bit from the article:

Gramercy looks like it could turn into another high-quality net lease REIT. The company is beginning a new chapter and the business model is sound. The shares are trading at $2.74 and there is NO DIVIDEND BEING PAID NOW. The experienced management team should be able to get this company back on the REIT track and start paying dividends again. Once Gramercy gets the stigmatized mortgage mess behind them (aka "the dark side" REIT), the new Gramercy REIT should enjoy success again by executing a triple net strategy of "nothing but net."

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