The accusations lobbed back and forth between mortgage software developers Ellie Mae and DocMagic continues. DocMagic on Thursday responded to HousingWire’s story detailing Ellie Mae’s response to the suit. “We are disappointed, but not surprised, that Ellie Mae chooses to address what is a very serious matter by disseminating misinformation and mistruths in an attempt to confuse the issues and take the spotlight off of the unfair business practices and anti-competitive behavior that appears to be a historical and ongoing pattern of conduct by Ellie Mae,” said Dominic Iannitti, CEO of DocMagic, Inc. Iannitti reiterated the allegations previously made in the lawsuit, including that Ellie Mae is forcing DocMagic customers to switch to its own document service, a claim Ellie Mae denies. “We have heard repeatedly from our mutual customers that they have grown dissatisfied with these and other heavy-handed actions by Ellie Mae,” Iannitti said. “The truth will come out in the court proceedings, and we are looking forward to presenting the evidence necessary to prove all our claims related to Ellie Mae’s disappointing conduct.” Write to Austin Kilgore.