Dimont & Associates, a provider of hazard claim insurance services, expanded its platform with the launch of a new mortgage insurance claims processing service. Dimont's latest business line will handle mortgage insurance claims on various product types, including private loans and mortgages tied to the Federal Housing Administration. Dimont also will handle Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reimbursement claims. The San Diego, Calif.-based firm appointed Heidi Schranz to lead the expansion into the new line. Schranz will oversee all private and government mortgage insurance claims. "Our clients trust that we will recover the highest possible settlements for them while maintaining a strict focus on compliance," said Bernie Dimont, CEO of Dimont & Associates. "The expansion of our services to include mortgage insurance claims processing addresses the full spectrum of client needs and allows us a broader venue to maximize insurance recoveries for our clients." Dimont is working with GWN Consulting, a third-party quality assurance provider, to help servicing clients ensure they are in full compliance with all relevant guidelines. GWN also will offer Dimont a team specialized in servicing, loss mitigation and processing claims. Write to: Kerri Panchuk.