With the housing recovery in full force, the national home mover rate increased from its all time low of 35.1 million to 36.5 million, a 0.4% increase since 2011. This year, the majority of movers who lived at a different residence in 2011 stayed in the U.S., the U.S. Census Bureau reported Monday.

The bureau noted that among the 11.8 million who moved to another county, 40.2% moved less than 50 miles.

“The overall mover rate for the nation has increased since a record low. However, compared to previous years, mobility is still low for even our most mobile age group (18 to 29 year olds),” said Alison Fields, chief of the Census Bureau's Journey-to-Work and Migration Statistics Branch. “The statistics on migration come from two different surveys that, taken together, allow a clear and detailed picture of the movement of people in the U.S.”

The Census Bureau also revealed the state-to-state migration flow tables based on 2011 American Community Survey estimates. In 2011, the most common state-to-state moves included New York to Florida, California to Texas, California to Arizona, Florida to Georgia and New Jersey to New York.