Alt. equity product Splitero expands to new states, begins seeking reverse mortgage partnerships

The alternative equity tapping tool has expanded to Colorado and Washington state, and is beginning to forge partnerships with reverse mortgage companies

San Diego, Calif.-based shared equity investment provider Splitero has expanded into two new states beyond its initial footprint: Colorado and Washington. The move marks the beginning of broader ambitions for the relatively new company that offers a way for homeowners to tap into their equity without the assumption of additional debt.

While the company works on realizing its broader goals in what CEO Michael Gifford describes as a “methodical” approach, he told RMD in a recent interview that in addition to seeing high levels of home equity in the new states it operates in, the challenges being faced in the mortgage industry specifically are not necessarily felt in the shared equity investment business.

Splitero CEO Michael Gifford, who offers a shared equity investment that can work and compete with reverse mortgage products.
Michael Gifford

“I think in any times of uncertainty, people are generally trying to solve for cashflow, first and foremost,” he says. “We have a product without monthly payments or income qualification so that homeowners can access the equity in their house without DTI qualification.”

It also comes down to transaction volume, Gifford says.

“Mortgage markets do well when there’s a lot of transaction volume, whether it’s purchase or refi,” he says. “Right now, most homeowners don’t want to sell because they have a lower-priced mortgage and don’t know what they’re going to buy. Rents are still costly.”

In an interview this past summer, Gifford said that the possibility of partnering with reverse mortgage companies to place borrowers who may not qualify for one product or another was an attractive prospect. Now, those partnerships are beginning to take shape, he says.

“There has been progress on our partner channel since we last spoke,” he says. “We have a few small partners right now, and we’re slowly moving into that space and expanding our core business. We would love to work with the reverse mortgage community when they have a homeowner who can’t qualify or want a different option. We’re happy to work with licensed entrepreneurs.”

That being said, while Splitero and products like it do not have age limitations, seniors are a natural constituency due to the amount of equity they typically have built up in their homes, Gifford said.

“We do have a lot of seniors in that category reaching out for reasons like [fixed income challenges],” he said. “We’ll work with any homeowner, and the senior community tends to have a significant amount of equity built up in their home. We’re happy to help them access it.”

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