F1Maxine Matteo has come a long way since beginning her career in the real estate industry as a loan secretary, ordering credit reports and appraisals.

Matteo’s first goal was to become a real estate appraiser, but was told by her boss that she wouldn’t be allowed to go into the field and appraise while wearing a dress. But Matteo became an appraiser anyway. Then, she became an underwriter, and later learned loan servicing. Matteo then went into sales, and then into loan securitization, and eventually into mortgage trading on Wall Street. Matteo also started a warehouse lending company. At other points in her career, Matteo led a team of 750 at Bank of America. Matteo also worked with Sheila Bair at the FDIC, and oversaw the first securitization after the financial collapse in 2008. Now, Matteo serves as the chief risk and administrative officer for MAXEX in Atlanta, Georgia. In the last year, the exchange continues to add buyers. MAXEX’s leadership team has raised more than $50 million in additional capital. Matteo developed MAXEX’s risk management charter and the metrics for managing the company’s book of risk and the all the reporting metrics to assess counterparty risk as well as loan level risk and the risk appetite framework for counterparty risk.

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