Real estate investor Ekrem Uysaler was among five people walking through a vacant home purchased in southwest Philadelphia last month.

As the video below shows, during the routine inspection, the group set off a booby trap designed to maim or even kill any unknowing trespasser.

The viral video is yet another example of the dangers that real estate agents face on the job.

Luckily, the group of men were able to recognize and eventually disable the trap.

"You see this wire?" one of the group says.

"That's a booby-trap," says another.

"This is homicide! See the knife?"

Then, once the knife comes slashing down (at around the 1:30 minute mark): "Look, that would've straight up f*cking killed you!" 

[Warning: The video contains graphic language, which is a natural and understandable reaction to seeing a booby trap set to stab you in the face.]