2018 HW Vanguard: Lori Brewer

LBA Ware founder and CEO

Lori Brewer, founder and CEO of LBA Ware, has been on a tear this year.

Her company just increased company brain power by more than 20% with key hires, calculated $1.1 billion compensation (an 83% increase over last year), Vanguard logogrew its Compensafe clients by 93% and its LOS Talker subscribers by 44%.

Lori BrewerBrewer is called upon frequently to lend her knowledge on topics ranging from compensation benchmarking, loan originator motivation, talent retention and cost containment on the industry’s biggest stages including the 2018 NEXT Mortgage Conference, HousingWire’s conference and the MBA’s 2018 annual convention.

Brewer is committed to furthering the mortgage industry as a whole and devotes a significant amount of her time to sharing her knowledge with the industry both through speaking engagements and her service in organizations like the Advanced Technology Development Center, the Technology Association of Georgia, Stratford Academy college-preparatory and Middle Georgia State University School of Information Technology.

She is not content to rest upon her laurels or entertain flippant notions of how to attain success. Brewer likes to say money does not follow doing what you love; money follows when you prove your worth.

LBA Ware embodies her mentality and as a startup has fought for market share by attacking client pain points with gusto and savvy, never assuming that clients will pay for an unproven good service.

What has been your secret to success?

“It’s often said that when you do what you love, the money will follow. I prefer to say that when you prove your worth, the money will follow. Once you can demonstrate your ability to deliver value, your customers will gladly pay for your services.”

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