When Min Alexander took on the role of COO at Auction.com in April 2018, she gained a team of 800 under her management. But with degrees from Duke and MIT, Alexander was ready for the challenge.

Alexander grew up in Seoul, Korea, in a high-rise apartment tower. When she emigrated to the United States in 1982, she was awestruck by U.S. Vanguard logohomeownership. To her, it symbolized hope, opportunity and stability. It became her life’s passion and mission to make real estate accessible to everyone.

Min AlexanderImmediately upon stepping into her COO role, Alexander launched lead initiatives that are having an unmistakable impact.

Alexander has implemented rigorous training for the company’s 600-plus in-field employees to give them subject matter expertise and opportunities for continuous development in residential real estate so buyers can get their needs met during live auctions. She has set her sights on increasing employment and education opportunities for back-to-work moms and students to provide flexibility and new opportunities.

Alexander is also leading the charge to bring more auctions online to increase buying and selling opportunities. Auction.com’s leadership on the front lines of bringing Ohio foreclosure auctions online is revolutionary and a great example of how Alexander has led the effort to be a front-line auction provider that innovates to meet the needs of new distressed property auction models.

Alexander was named a 2017 HousingWire Woman of Influence. She conducts mentorship programs and leadership panels that assist young women looking to excel in the real estate sector.

What has been your secret to success?

“My secret to success has been to invest in the development of my teams, to achieve more than defined success for a specific role, and to unleash abilities and talents that were previously overlooked or unidentified. Success as a leader is driven by teamwork and trust.”

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