Constance Freedman, founder and managing partner, Moderne Ventures

As founder and managing partner of Moderne Ventures, Constance Freedman is an extraordinary connector and industry influencer for both real estate and venture capital. She has held active roles on the advisory board for the National Venture Capital Association’s Corporate Venturing Group and was recently elected as a board member for Equity Lifestyles.

Freedman’s latest endeavor, Moderne Ventures, and the Moderne Ventures Passport, are entirely unique to the real estate industry. Moderne Ventures filters thousands of startups targeting the housing industry, from mortgage, insurance, title and other verticals, to discover the shining stars and most promising and disruptive startups. The systematic approach offers its portfolio companies more than just financing and expertise. Moderne provides its early stage investments with proprietary access and exposure to the Moderne Network – comprising more than 700 executives who provide industry expertise, strategic guidance and more.

Moderne focuses on helping companies understand the housing industry and connect with business leaders, corporations and potential customers. Housing executives benefit from its due diligence by having the first look at the best-in-breed startups disrupting the industry.

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