This week, real estate tech platform Nukondo, released an app that showcases the top new developments in Miami.

The app, Nukondo app, is available in the iTunes store. The company explained that the multi-platform tool streamlines interactions between condominium developers and brokers with buyers and their agents, as well as speeding up sales, lowering market costs, and limiting risks for all parties involved.

The app was introduced at 2018’s eMerge America, which is a technology event that premieres digital solutions startups and connects industries from Latin America, North America and Europe.

The company said that it hopes the app will further connect the tech world and real estate industry and simplify the home buying process.

“We're very excited to launch the app, during eMerge Americas,” firm co-founder Maria Juliana Romero said. “There are strong connections between the tech and real estate markets, and our business model leverages on these ties.”

Nukondo founder, Jorge Brugo, is no stranger to the real estate industry, as a developer in the early 2000’s he headed the first smart residential building in Miami.

The building featured touchscreens that automated home devices and enabled interaction with various building amenities and services, which ultimately outsold its competitors by achieving 35% price premiums, according to the company.

Only time will determine the success of Brugo’s latest endeavor, but his team and others remain hopeful.

“Miami has always had a thriving real estate market and it is also rapidly becoming an established tech and innovation hub. Nukondo combines these two forces at the right time, I am confident that they have a bright future ahead,” Executive Vice President of eMergeAmericas Melissa Medina said.