Financial real estate services provider Chronos Solutions announced it added supplemental liens and civil judgments data to its Funding Suite Credit Report offerings.

The decision comes after a recent court ruling that impacted the ability of lenders to establish a borrower’s creditworthiness.

As it stands, the data is no longer permitted in nationwide Credit Reporting Agencies' credit reports.

Chronos explained in its release that back in July 2017, a ruling in a civil action suit caused the majority of U.S. states to prohibit information on liens and judgments, making them unavailable in credit reports.

The reason for the decision was that the factor negatively impacted credit scores – sometimes wrongly – by up to 100 points.

But as Chronos explained it, while the reform protects consumers from erroneous changes to their scores, liens and civil judgment data is still important indicators of creditworthiness. Plus, the loss of the information increased lender exposure to risk.

Chronos stated that it now offers this information in its Funding Suite Credit Reports as a result.