Richard Lundbeck joined Green River Capital in December 2015 to lead the component services business operations, focusing on single-borrower single-family rental debt facility and securitization products and services. Lundbeck

Since joining the company, he has successfully streamlined many parts of the operation, increasing efficiencies through his hands-on leadership of the team. 

Lundbeck has been key in cultivating and maintaining client relationships. Clients have come to rely on him for many aspects of the SFR business, including his behind-the-scenes involvement with the SFR transactions in the market. His attention to detail and focus on quality work ensures the best delivery and service to clients.

Lundbeck also oversees the additions of new business lines within the department, such as “fix-and-flip” lending, as the traditional single-borrower SFR has begun to evolve.

"Richard’s customer service is nothing short of outstanding, and he cultivates relationships with all of our clients. He embodies all of the qualities and attributes that are integral to our company’s and our clients’ success in the SFR business."