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Suzanne Zinn Mueller has been at less than two years, but is already making a significant impact by deepening relationships and forging new ones in a business whose success relies on positive people-to-people interactions. 

Her restructuring of’s industry relations field team along geographic lines has helped the company focus on engagement regionally, and the model more closely resembles how successful realty agencies work by developing a deep understanding of local housing conditions and by forming local relationships. 

Last fall, Mueller spearheaded the launch of the Real Ambassador program, which brings together a select group of high-performing real estate professionals and heavy users of to contribute insight into enhancing the experience. The program connects the ambassadors with’s product development and programs teams and arms them with the latest customized content along with information on to share with their local real estate industry and consumers. 

Mueller also adopted new communication models at the company to deliver real-time news and hyperlocal content faster and more efficiently. The new communication model includes new forums and format enhancements. The goal has been to facilitate the quick and easy sharing of information to a broader audience and improve the volume and frequency of direct, personalized outreach from regional representatives.

Mueller brings firsthand insight into the day-to-day needs of real estate agents to’s product development and program decisions.

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