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Less than a year after joining Pendo, mortgage industry newcomer Alicia Branstetter created a brand platform that serves as the company’s primary differentiator in a highly commodity-based segment.

Pendo was created as a way to advance how AMCs conduct business. The company’s modern business model helped it grow, with minimal marketing efforts, for its first seven years. Branstetter was brought on board as vice president of marketing to reinforce Pendo’s growth at its target rate.

In less than 10 months, she created a brand platform that enables the company’s mission and values to be translated into standardized, repeatable actions. She rebuilt the company’s image and market positioning and her framework helps Pendo actualize and protect its primary market differentiators: efficient processes and white glove, personalized customer care.

Branstetter also created a peer-nominated employee recognition program that acknowledges those who illustrate the company’s core values: entrepreneurship, leadership, efficiency, dedication and respect. She also created client/appraiser appreciation programs that empower employees to give thank-you gifts to clients and appraisers.

Now more than just a plaque on the wall, employee recognition programs at Pendo have developed into day-to-day actions and interactions. For Branstetter, the goal of changing the appraisal industry wasn’t limited to making an organization successful. It was a chance to improve the professional lives of the people in that industry — for service providers and the employees who work for Pendo’s client companies. 

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