LenderLive Holdings, a domestic-based mortgage services provider, announced today the reorganization of its internal structure that places various business divisions under the two broader units: mortgages and services.

Its two new units are LenderLive Network, Fulfillment, Lending and Servicing, and LenderLive Services, Settlement Services and LenderLive Document Services, which also contains GuardianDocs and Walz Group. Both report up to the existing holding company.

In addition, the company also made several leadership changes. Some of those leadership changes include:

  • Rod Walz, former president and founder of Walz, is now vice chairman of LenderLive Holdings. In this role, he will be a strategic advisor to CEO Rick Seehausen and the executive team as well as for the new LenderLive document services.
  • Dave Vida, former president of mortgage services, is now president of the new LenderLive Network.
  • Pete Pannes, former chief revenue officer, is now president of LenderLive Services.
  • Joe Mowery, general manager of Settlement Services, now reports to Pannes.
  • Jonathan Kunkle, general manager of LenderLive Document Services, now reports to Pannes.
  • Maria Moskver, former director of compliance solution at Walz, is now the LenderLive Holdings’ general counsel and enterprise compliance officer.

“Basically, our businesses fall into one of two categories: regulated, as is the case with our mortgage services, and unregulated component services, such as our title, origination and servicing documents offerings,” LenderLive President and CEO Rick Seehausen said.

“Our new structure will make it easier for us to work with our regulators, accelerate the expansion of our title operations, and allow us to take advantage of synergies among our document and settlement services businesses,” Seehausen said. “While a number of our executives have new leadership roles, they have all been instrumental in building LenderLive and are the right team to take us to the next level.”