LendingHome, a mortgage marketplace, has funded over $550 million in mortgage loans, according to the San Francisco-based lender.

Loan originations in 2015 were also six times larger than 2014, which contributed to the company returning more than $200 million in principal and $20 million in interest to investors.

Matt Humphrey, co-founder and CEO of LendingHome, attributed the growing demand in its marketplace lending to the fact that many people cannot get a loan from a bank or other traditional lenders.

“Here at LendingHome we focus on funding loans to real-estate investors and entrepreneurs who want to purchase, rehabilitate or rent out residential homes. These property investors are traditionally underserved as banks do not offer these type of loans,” Humphrey tells HousingWire.

In light of the company’s growth, the company also launched an investor platform for individuals.

The platform gives accredited investors access to a marketplace with the same short-term, high-yield real estate assets that were previously only available to LendingHome’s institutional investors.

Additionally, in March, a privately placed securitization of LendingHome assets was completed in the market.

Marketplace lenders are rapidly growing in the origination space, with other marketplace lenders, such as SoFi, similarly announcing in January that it surpassed more than $7 billion in funded loans.