Zillow founder: Is virtual touring next for the housing market?

Real estate listing creators talk about their vision for the future

Rich Barton, co-founder of Zillow said that virtual touring may be in the near future for the housing market, according to an article in the Seattle Times by Rachel Lerman. 

Barton and Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff continue to see the company’s growth as Zillow now occupies 12 floors and about 2,200 employees nationwide, according to an article by Seattle Times written by Rachel Lerman. On Zillow’s 10th anniversary, as they reflected on their past success, they also shared new ideas for the future. 

From the article:

Q: What technology is coming next to the industry?

Barton: How would it be to be able to strap on the Oculus (virtual reality) goggles and take a spin around some apartments or houses? That’s a whole interesting technology vector that we’re pushing on.

Then there’s the basic mechanics of home shopping and the way documents are transferred. That’s going to change. We are going to be leading on all of it.

Q: Is the technology ecosystem in the region growing fast enough?

Rascoff: Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing and Expedia have done an amazing job growing the ecosystem. There’s a vibrant startup community and Founders Co-op and Techstars have helped that a lot.

From a technology-landscape standpoint, I’m pleased with the vibrancy of the startup community.

Although Rascoff recognizes the success of the community, he still sees room for improvement. 

“I still think, however, that Seattle needs more institutional venture capital. The fact that we have really only a handful of venture-capital firms based here is going to hold the region back from fulfilling its potential,” Rascoff said in an interview with Rachel Lerman from the Seattle Times.

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