Yes, someone is stealing For Sale signs in Phoenix and no one knows why.

The Arizona Republic reports about it, and yet even that crack team of journalists can't discover what is happening.

Luckily, the market hasn't given itself to full panic mode, yet.

These signs are expensive, and real estate agents pony up the money for them.

So, someone needs to pay. 

From the report:

For sale signs are disappearing all over metro Phoenix. And not just because the houses have sold.

This may not be a case for a Sherlock Holmes, but it’s no small deal to the agents losing money and signs. Real estate agents have lost at least 150 signs during the past few weeks. Those signs cost about $50 each.

Even in this digital age, open house and for sale signs are important tools for real estate agents. Most home shoppers still drive neighborhoods they are interested in.

And checking out houses for sale is still a Valley pastime.

But some or someone seems to think the signs are a nuisance or even neighborhood blight.