Buyers looking to score some Ginnie Mae servicing, as Interactive Mortgage Advisors announced the sale of a $4 billion Ginnie Mae bulk portfolio of residential mortgage servicing rights.

According to Thomas Piercy, managing member of Interactive Mortgage Advisors, the portfolio is “most likely the best Ginnie Mae deal offered this year.”

Interactive Mortgage Advisors, which is acting as the exclusive broker of this sale, said that the seller is a “well-capitalized, independent mortgage banker with great reputation and strong, experienced senior management well-versed in servicing transfers.”

The portfolio features 23,761 loans with an average loan size of $168,654. The weighted average interest rate on the loans is 3.661%.

The portfolio also features 97% 30-year fixed-rate mortgages, with an average seasoning of 22 months.

The total delinquencies, including foreclosures, make up 3.8% of the portfolio.

The loans are sub-serviced by Cenlar.