Dimont, a provider of hazard claims insurance processing services to the residential and commercial mortgage industries, announced a partnership with OrangeGrid, a provider of an Enterprise PaaS application suite empowered by iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management Suite) technology that allows businesses to digitize virtually any business process without going through traditional software development life cycles.

Under the terms of the agreement, Dimont’s hazard insurance and claims processing capabilities will be available through OrangeGrid’s technology suite.

The collaboration will provide customers the flexibility to revise hazard claims procedures and reporting stemming from compliance and other business changes, without resorting to lengthy and expensive IT development cycles, the companies said in a release.

“We’re excited to work with OrangeGrid, as together we will provide customers with a faster, easier to use platform for hazard insurance claims processing and a collaborative environment to work together on other insurance-related matters,” said Denis Brosnan, president and chief executive officer of Dimont.