It's been more than 10 years since the brutal slaying of a Realtor in Albuquerque, New Mexico — one that changed the way real estate agents and brokers do business today.

Unfortunately, Realtors and brokers are often the targets of predators. In January, a real estate agent in California narrowly escaped being kidnapped by a registered sex offender.

Last fall an Arkansas Realtor was allegedly kidnapped and murdered by a shady lifelong criminal who picked her because she was “a broker” and a “rich woman.” Another Realtor last summer was kidnapped after an open house and barely escaped two men who sexually assaulted her.

In most cases, local real estate agents vowed to change how they operated, or to sign up for self-defense classes.

The New Mexico Realtor murder still has an impact a full decade later.

KOAT Albuquerque has the story.

A decade ago Realtor Garland Taylor was showing a luxury home in the Northeast Heights when he was shot and killed by a con man. Mario Lucas Chavez shot Taylor in the back of the head and left his body in a closet inside the home Taylor was trying to sell.

Taylor’s wife of nearly 55 years discovered his body in the closet.

The crime changed the way many Realtors do business.

“It was tragic, sad, and realizing we, as Realtors, needed to be more careful who we were dealing with," said Paul Wilson, a friend and coworker to Taylor.

Wilson said the Albuquerque Association of Realtors had and still has police teach self-defense classes.

A lot of Realtors now carry concealed weapons, and many show homes in pairs and meet with clients in the office first.