According to this article in the Charlotte Observer, Bank of America [BAC] did something for the first time in 10 years: it held a celebration to open a new branch.

What's special is this branch is in a brand new market for the bank: Denver.

Bank of America is normally quiet on the branch development front.

As of late, the bank continues to close many more branches than it opens.

It even experiments with "express" branches, those without tellers.

From the article:

"Bank of America says the Denver branch marks the first time the bank has ventured into a new market with a branch since 2003, when it opened one in Chicago. The move comes even as it rapidly closes branches in other U.S. markets.

The entry into Colorado and Minnesota illustrates CEO Brian Moynihan’s push for branches in major metropolitan areas where Bank of America is already serving affluent customers and businesses through its U.S. Trust and Merrill Lynch businesses and other operations."