Market shift: HSBC offloads huge REO portfolio to Altisource

How to get a mortgage right now, even with bad credit

HUD, FHA programs abound for those hit by the recession

America’s housing not ready for ever-expanding over-50 population

Harvard/AARP Study: Housing lacks accessibility for boomers


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The devil is in the mortgage finance reform details

On the bumpy road to a common securitization platform
Barry Zigas
It now seems all but certain that 2014 will end without any further progress on comprehensive mortgage finance legislation. But the coming months will offer little comfort for those who rooted for such a stalemate in hope of avoiding hard decisions about fundamental parts of the current system.
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Housing shouldn’t look at any color but the color of money

People with bad credit and bad habits should be squeezed out of housing
Trey Garrison
Minority borrowers are not being squeezed out of housing. People with bad credit and without down payments or the ability to repay are being squeezed out. And you know what? They should be.
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Who is Nat Hardwick?

Former LandCastle Title CEO owns NASCAR team, rubs elbows with PGA pros
Ben Lane
Since HousingWire first broke the news of his resignation on Tuesday, former LandCastle Title CEO Nat Hardwick’s internet presence has slowly been disappearing, but a HousingWire investigation has revealed exactly what kind of lifestyle Hardwick led prior to the news of this week becoming public.
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Watch a HousingWire writer do the ALS challenge with tomato soup

All because today's upward 2Q GDP revision was "unexpected"
Trey Garrison
It was an morning of unexpected surprises -- an upwardly revised GDP, and a Campbell's tomato soup shower.
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WATCH: Russian bank offers free cat visits to boost mortgage lending

There is a catch, you can't keep the cute creatures
Brena Swanson
Yes. Morris will help with the mortgage payments. As The Moscow Times reports: "A popular Russian superstition maintains that it is good luck if cats are first to enter a new home." If that doesn't work you can just have your toddler haul the hesitant feline in and throw it onto the floor, which happens around the 1:18 mark in the video. Adorable!
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Closing Call

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TILA-RESPA humor and Google homebuyer stats

Recapping last week's change-up posts
Mark McElroy

It’s important to remember that beyond TILA-RESPA lies a whole new world of consumers expecting the rest of the world to be as digital and mobile as they’ve become.  

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Apply Google's 6 key trends for homebuyers

Here's what your customers are looking for
Matt Corcoran

Look at those six key points again and tell which of them you could solve without expertise in the tech arena. As such, let’s look at the bare bones of digital solutions you’d need in place to tackle those six points.

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7 Signs you're ignoring TILA-RESPA

The truth hurts — let's at least laugh about it
Matt Corcoran
“How many of you have read the TILA-RESPA rule?” Only five people in the audience raised their hands for having read the abbreviated rule — only two raised their hands for having read the full rule.
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Interesting times for the mortgage industry require action

Recapping last week's posts and news on TILA-RESPA
Mark McElroy

Be aware that most systems don’t even stand behind their GFE/TIL and APR calculations with a rep and warrant for compliance.

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What's Google have to do with mortgages?

How a recent study of digital expectations relates to lending
Matt Corcoran

Mega-tech brands like Google and Amazon not only have the deep pockets and relationships to enter the space if they wish, but also have the hardware and software framework of the digital channels required to deliver a trustworthy consumer experience around something like a mortgage.

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