2024 Rising Star: William Loser

WIlliam Loser

As Senior Vice President of Accounting, Controller, William Loser embodies the best of the mortgage industry and finance. His exceptional intelligence and strong work ethic, coupled with his adept leadership and communication skills make him a stand out at our company, but also in the industry. Loser’s broad-based expertise in the mortgage industry further solidifies his status as a standout professional.

Loser clearly has shown himself as a solid leader over the past 12 months by excelling in this tough environment, as he has led his team in all ways by example. Loser models the behaviors that we at Guaranteed Rate value, and as a result his team’s performance consistently outpaces. He also possesses a deep expertise grounded in the mortgage industry which enables him to guide his team expertly.

Loser approaches his role as a leader in finance from the perspective of being transparent, but also thoughtful. As the mortgage industry is constantly changing which requires our leaders to be continually learning and evolving with the business. Loser overtly strives to stay ahead of the curve through continuing education, mentoring of his team members, and industry group participation. This has ensured that he is leading his group from a position of strength and excellence. He also shows how deeply he cares about the company as well as his teammates by his constant involvement in activities that seek to create a strong cohesive culture as well as those that provide value to our employees (and more broadly, the community of Chicago where he lives).

What is one thing you would tell a younger version of yourself?

The secret of success in business (as well as in life) is to learn how to effectively work as a team with a diverse set of colleagues. One who seeks to accomplish only through individual achievement will be severely limited in what he/she can accomplish, as well as having to lose out on the joy that accompanies winning as a team.


William Loser




Senior Vice President of Accounting, Controller

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Guaranteed Rate

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