2024 Rising Star: Tra’Vell Brown

Tra'Vell Brown

Tra’Vell Brown, senior vice president of loss mitigation at LoanCare has become an industry stand out with an impressive 12-year career, including a decade in various leadership roles within lending. His innovative approach to developing data-centric processes has not only heightened productivity but also established enhanced traceability and operational controls, making him an invaluable asset in the dynamic landscape of the mortgage industry. Brown’s leadership style and enduring contributions showcase a leader deeply committed to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and care within LoanCare.

Brown has had a profound impact on LoanCare which is evident in his exceptional contributions to the organization during his tenure. In the last year alone, he was instrumental in driving transformative changes within his department, directly impacting company productivity and profitability. In 2023, Brown’s visionary leadership resulted in a remarkable 40% increase in productivity across 140 full time employees, a testament to his ability to optimize operations. Concurrently, he orchestrated a staggering 49% boost in revenue across his department, showcasing his strategic prowess and business acumen. These achievements resulted in a significant reduction in department costs by $1 million, demonstrating Brown’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and efficiency. 

Brown spearheaded marked quality improvements across all processes under his purview. His commitment to excellence is exemplified in the rigorous standards he implemented, ensuring that LoanCare’s services not only met but exceeded expectations. This commitment to quality has not only enhanced client satisfaction but has also strengthened the LoanCare servicing enterprise. Brown’s innovative approach extends beyond efficiency gains, as he successfully implemented a new reporting suite, introducing advanced analytics that provide valuable insights into the company’s performance. 

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Find an environment where you can avoid indecision. Leadership is a series of critical decisions that will define achievement for you and your organization. Existing within an organization that only shows support to successes and not failures, stifles effective decision making and fosters an environment of indecision.


Tra'Vell Brown




Senior Vice President, Loss Mitigation

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