2024 Rising Star: Shane Miller, PhD

Shane Miller

Shane Miller is a transformational business and housing economy leader, serial entrepreneur, chief executive, founder, academic and proud girl dad who has persevered from extremely humble beginnings to a single mom and physically, emotionally and mentally abusive father. A Veteran, Miller’s military background as an infantry officer in the army further instilled discipline that influenced his professional, civic, community leadership, education — earning four degrees, including a PhD — and advocacy in the housing economy. Miller started his banking career at the most entry-level position, as a greeter, but is now the CEO & Co-Founder of New Story Lending, an independent mortgage bank, and the CEO & founder of The Miller Companies, a collective of companies focused on real estate investing, home building, and residential home insurance.

A believer in breaking barriers, Miller seized a strategic opportunity to launch an independent mortgage bank during the most difficult time the mortgage industry has experienced since the 2008 market crash. Leaning on his entrepreneurial spirit and 20 years’ experience in the banking space, Shane recognized that market conditions could work in New Story’s favor during an industry reset period. Miller’s knowledge, discipline and reliable demeanor helped secure the infrastructure required of a modern mortgage bank and anchored New Story’s position in the independent mortgage space. Indeed, New Story Lending was founded in October 2022, and launched from a production and revenue perspective in June 2023. 

Miller was instrumental in aiding in the testing of New Story’s LOS, CRM, PPE, review of policies and procedures, technology, strategic planning, sales, marketing and business development initiatives to provide the necessary infrastructure to support a mortgage bank. Today, a short eight months in, New Story Lending is licensed in 17 states and counting and is a consistently growing and profitable variable-cost independent mortgage company with an annual run rate of $225 million to $250 million focused on affordable housing and giving back to the communities it serves.

What is one habit that has helped you succeed?

Resolute. I have and will always be a resolute and disciplined individual. My resolve has cemented a “mission first” mentality in me, which has created my desire for excellence. I am a “work to standard, not to time” leader. Never, ever quitting under any circumstance, humbly accepting failure as a learning experience, and persevering with robust tenacity every time is why I believe I am successful.


Shane Miller




CEO and Co-founder

Company Name:

New Story Lending

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